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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Villanova Gets Real About PhD. applications

Every fall the Villanova English department hosts a forum for students to learn about the PhD process. The faculty are different every year, and each applied and finished their doctoral programs at different times, so the variety of their experiences is a crucial resource to current masters students considering continuing their higher education. Plus, there is always pizza!

Department Chair Dr. Heather Hicks explains the tenure track job market

The faculty at Villanova are dedicated to giving grad students the best possible shot at getting into and completing a PhD. program. Information sessions like this one don't shy away from the reality of doctoral programs in the humanities. Not only do they discuss the scarcity of tenure track positions on the job market, they encourage you to consider the other positions, both in and outside of academia, that a student can pursue with a doctoral degree. 

Dr. Brooke Hunter and Dr. Jean Lutes talking PhD. admissions

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