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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Harry Potter Coffee Break

Chocolate-peanut butter wand pretzels and Snitch Chocolates

The English Department took a break this past Wednesday to get a witchy with this Harry Potter themed coffee hour. Our own Brooke Erdman made the chocolate and peanut butter pretzel wands, as well as the (chocolate) golden snitches! 

It was a great opportunity to get grads, undergrads and faculty together. Additionally, the English department was a stop on the Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt hosted by Falvey Library!

We can't wait to see you all next time.

Grad Laura has caught the golden snitch! 150 Points to the English dept!

Hello, Brooke!

We are happy to welcome the newest member of the English department staff, Brooke Erdman. As Program Coordinator, Brooke will be working on a range of initiatives to improve the functioning of the graduate program as well as heighten its visibility.

Brooke received her MA from the Villanova Liberal Studies program where she specialized in the Digital Humanities. She worked for two years after that in the Graduate Studies Office before joining us in English.

We are delighted to have Brooke with us, and we hope you stop by soon to introduce yourself!

The Great Catsby

Every year in the beginning of the fall semester, English undergrads and grads work together to engage freshmen with an introduction to college-level literary discussion. Using a text most freshmen have read (this year was Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, while last year tackled Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye), students perform an excerpt from the work and then lead freshmen into small discussion groups in order to discuss the text, as well as answer questions about the English program here at Villanova.

Freshmen students piling into the event
Lead by the wonderful Dr. Jean Lutes, volunteers from the English department performed the famous scene of Gatsby and Daisy's reunion. 

Our very own Nick, Daisy, Gatsby and narrator

The event was a huge success, marking our best turnout-to-date, with 163 freshmen in attendance! 

Not only do events like "The Great Catsby" open a dialogue with freshmen considering taking English classes, they also offer a leadership opportunity for undergrads and grads to facilitate a scholarly discussion with Villanova's newest students.

We miss you, Susan!

After 29 years working at Villanova, our beloved Susan Burns has retired. Susan has worked as the administrative assistant of the Graduate Department, doing all the work behind-the-scenes that kept the English Grad program running so smoothly.
Left to right: Dr. Heather Hicks, Susan Burns, current grad student Laura Tscherry and visiting Irish Scholar Victoria Brady

You are sorely missed, Susan! Hope you're enjoying retirement!

Villanova Gets Real About PhD. applications

Every fall the Villanova English department hosts a forum for students to learn about the PhD process. The faculty are different every year, and each applied and finished their doctoral programs at different times, so the variety of their experiences is a crucial resource to current masters students considering continuing their higher education. Plus, there is always pizza!

Department Chair Dr. Heather Hicks explains the tenure track job market

The faculty at Villanova are dedicated to giving grad students the best possible shot at getting into and completing a PhD. program. Information sessions like this one don't shy away from the reality of doctoral programs in the humanities. Not only do they discuss the scarcity of tenure track positions on the job market, they encourage you to consider the other positions, both in and outside of academia, that a student can pursue with a doctoral degree. 

Dr. Brooke Hunter and Dr. Jean Lutes talking PhD. admissions