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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Professional Research Option (PRO)

The Graduate English Department is happy to introduce a new Independent Study option, which permits students to research and share information about non-academic career options for students with an M.A. in English. Below is a description of the Professional Research Option (PRO). Please let Dr. Hicks know if you have questions about this 3-credit independent study. Students who would like to register for this option can contact Susan Burns.

The Professional Research Option (PRO) is a three-credit independent study in which students identify one or a cluster of jobs or professions in which an advanced degree in literature is beneficial. In the course of the semester, students will research the career options of interest, identifying one or two fields as the focus of their work. They must generate a research paper that explores the history and future prospects of the field of interest, as well as current information about the requirements of the work, geographical information about centers of activity for the profession, and desirable employers. This research should include at least two meetings with professionals who work in the field. The paper must also analyze how advanced study of literature serves to enhance the students’ desirability in the profession in question. As part of their final project, students must develop a cover letter outlining the ways their particular training makes them suitable to work in this field. Students will make their research available to other students in the program by uploading their final project onto a special section of the Graduate English Program blog. Potential fields of research include the following:

E-Book Industry
Public relations
College admissions
University administration
Arts administration
Library science
Technical writing
Testing industry
Tutoring industry
Entertainment industry work
Web design
Rare book broker

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